My Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts

Since I’ve been blogging for about 2 1/2 years now, I thought it would be interesting to step back and see what my most popular posts have been so far. After a quick review of my stats, here are my top 10 posts in terms of total page views. I’ll also have a comment about each post and a few overall lessons learned from this review.

1) “8 Reasons Why People Don’t Get Treatment for Mental Illness”

Far and away my most popular post, it has accounted for almost 30% of all total page views of my blog. I think it strikes a chord because of the sobering fact that huge numbers of people receive no treatment for their mental illnesses. The topic of lack of treatment is also the second most popular internet search term leading folks to my blog. I recently wrote a sequel called “Overcoming the ‘8 Reasons Why People Don’t Get Treatment for Mental Illness.'”

2) “5 Simple Steps to Reduce Stigma About Mental Illness”

Coming in strongly in second place, this post has accounted for another 10% of the total page views of my blog. The related terms “stigma,” “stigma reduction,” and “discrimination,” represent the most frequent group of search terms leading to my website. This post resonates because it offers several easy and practical ways to decrease stigma surrounding mental illnesses.

3) “How to Support Someone During a Psychiatric Hospitalization”

I believe this post has been popular because it’s not a topic often discussed, and many families continue to struggle with this situation. I tried to offer families some specific strategies to help them navigate through psychiatric inpatient programs and to assist their loved ones during a very difficult time.

4) “10 Priceless Gifts You Can Give to Someone with Mental Illness”

Originally written as a holiday-themed post, this one suggests simple everyday “gifts” to support and encourage someone who is challenged by a mental illness. From comments I’ve received, this message has been greatly appreciated by family members who often struggle to find ways to help their loved ones.

5) “Thinking Outside the Box to Treat Serious Mental Illness”

I’ve written a number of posts on different treatment approaches and resources, and this one is about cognitive enhancement therapy (CET), a promising approach targeted at helping those who are dealing with more severe forms of mental illness.

6) “Ten Commandments for How to Talk About Mental Health”

This post is about appropriate use of “person-first” language to talk about and discuss mental health conditions with more tact, sensitivity and respect. I think #10 on the list of commandments may be the most important one of all.

7) “What’s In Your ‘Hope Box’?”

This post is about a therapeutic intervention called a hope box, which is offers coping strategies for those who may sometimes be in crisis or considering suicide. The article also reviews the corresponding Hope Box app, which takes the intervention into a portable electronic format.

8) “9 Benefits of Support Groups”

I’m a big fan of peer-led support programs, including 12-step formats and others. This post outlines several specific benefits from participating in a support group.

9) “7 Points of Hope to Reclaim Your Life from Mental Illness”

I’ve often said this post is one of my personal favorites, and perhaps it’s my all-time favorite. It’s really just a personal letter of encouragement from me to anyone who has ever been challenged by mental illness or addiction to say that there is definitely a way forward to a happier and more fulfilling future.

10) “Double Trouble in Recovery: 12-Step Support for Mental Illness and Addiction”

This post describes a variation of a 12-step group that supports those who have both a mental illness diagnosis and a co-occurring drug or alcohol addiction. This format is still not widespread, so I hope it continues to grow and to be introduced into additional communities.

Footnote: If you’re a frequent reader of my blog, you probably know that I’ve also done a series of over 30 “Stories of Hope” articles featuring individuals who have graciously and bravely shared their own personal journeys of recovery from mental illness and addiction. When I added up all the page views for the entire series, they would collectively come in at 4th place in the top 10 list above. But since this total reflects dozens of posts, I somehow didn’t think it was fair to put it in the “official” top 10 list. I do have a soft spot in my heart for all of the folks who have shared their “Stories of Hope,” as I think it’s so important to hear the first-person voice of those who have fought and who have emerged in a better place. I’ll keep publishing these accounts as long as anyone wants to share their story.

What are some possible lessons learned from this top 10 review? Well, people seem to like posts that are lists. Popular issues include stigma reduction, barriers to treatment, ways to support loved ones with mental illness, personal accounts of recovery and effective treatment resources and coping strategies. I’ll certainly continue to write about these themes, plus ways to improve overall mental health and wellness.

I’ll close by mentioning that I have well over 100 other posts archived that weren’t mentioned here, so please check them out in my categorical blog post index or use the search bar at the top of the page to look for specific topics. Thanks so much for supporting my work!

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