Let’s Resolve to Save a Life This Year

As a new year starts, it’s a tradition for many of us to make resolutions about changes we want to make in the coming year.

Usually, the top resolutions reflect personal health goals. Be more physically fit, lose weight, be less stressed, stop smoking, or drink less alcohol.

Another big category is personal improvement. It seems we all want to get more organized, spend less (or save more) money, read more and learn something new.

Then there are the fun resolutions. Let’s travel more, spend more time with family and friends, and enjoy life to the fullest.

And of course, there’s a small but significant minority who say they make no resolutions at all.

This group may be on to something, for research shows that nearly 60 percent of us will drop our resolutions within six months.

So this year, let’s try something different.

How about resolving to save a life?

You think I’m kidding, right?

Not really.

If you’re a physician, nurse, paramedic, firefighter, police officer or lifeguard, saving lives is part of your everyday work.

But for most of us, saving lives doesn’t seem to fit our job description.

Nevertheless, there are some simple and powerful things anyone can do to actually save a life.

Here are the first 10 ways to save a life that I could think of:

1) Learn CPR

You can find CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) classes all over the place. You’ll also learn about other lifesavers like AED’s (automated external defibrillators) and the Heimlich maneuver.

2) Learn QPR

QPR, or “Question, Persuade, Refer” is a proven method to intervene to prevent a suicide. It’s definitely worth knowing about. Read my earlier blog post to find out all the details.

3) Lock up your guns

Unsecured guns are the cause of countless deaths and injuries each year. I’m not getting into the whole gun violence and gun control debate. But when you aren’t using a gun, lock it up.

4) Wash your hands  

We all should all know by now that hand washing is one of the most important basic steps to avoid contracting and spreading germs and illnesses.

5) Get regular health screenings

It takes a little time and effort to get an annual physical and all of the recommended health screenings. But early detection and treatment can indeed save your life.

6) Get recommended immunizations

This includes an annual flu shot, required vaccines for children and other recommended immunizations to help keep a number of nasty diseases at bay. Why take chances?

7) Wear seat belts, bicycle helmets and motorcycle helmets

These effective devices can and do save lives each and every day.

8) Don’t drink and drive

Be the designated driver, call a taxi for someone, or take their keys. Just don’t let them get behind the wheel after drinking.

9) Stop smoking

There are lots of ways to quit smoking, including nicotine replacement, medication, and other therapies, just to name a few. Give them a try.

10) Pay someone to save a life for you

Give money to a charity that fights poverty, combats disease or promotes peace. This is like hiring an anti-hitman. Let them do the heavy lifting while you bask in the satisfaction that you helped make a difference.

Here’s a question: What can you do to save a life this year? Please leave a comment. Also, please subscribe to my blog and feel free to follow me on Twitter, “like” my Facebook page, or connect on LinkedIn. Thanks!

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