My First Two Years as a Mental Health Blogger

This week I’m acknowledging the second anniversary of my mental health and wellness blog and stepping back to reflect upon my two-year social media journey.

I thought it might be fun to take a look at some numbers that reflect key markers of my social media activity over the past two years.  Here we go:

50,000+: The total number of unique visitors to my web site over the past two years. It’s notable that my site traffic has more than doubled from 2015 (16,000 visitors) to 2016 (34,000 visitors).

10,000+: My total number of tweets over the past two years. When I see this number, I think, “How can this be?” Two years ago I barely even knew what Twitter was. But I’ve definitely come to appreciate Twitter’s reach and impact as a real powerhouse in the social media world.

8,200+: The number of page views in 2016 of my most popular post: “8 Reasons Why People Don’t Get Treatment for Mental Illness.” This post has been consistently number one in page views for well over a year. I think it touches on a huge issue with no easy solutions and it still remains very topical.

7,700+: My current number of Twitter followers, 37% of whom are from outside the United States. I’m very grateful to have some incredibly loyal followers who tirelessly promote my blog content. Do I have any celebrity followers? I haven’t tracked this very systematically, but I know that journalist Soledad O’Brien, comedian Margaret Cho, and Susan Bennett (the voice of Siri) follow me, to name a few.

5,100+: Number of 2016 total page views of my second most popular post: “5 Simple Steps to Reduce Stigma About Mental Illness.” This is one of my advocacy-themed posts that gets at practical ways to recognize and reduce stigmatizing language, attitudes and behaviors toward people with mental illness.

4,200+: Total page views in 2016 of various interviews in my “Stories of Hope” series, featuring people who share their challenges and victories in their personal struggles with mental illness. I’ve now done over 20 of these inspiring interviews and I love each and every one of them.

2,100+: The number of 2016 page views of my third most popular post: “How to Support Someone During a Psychiatric Hospitalization.” This is apparently a topic which is not often discussed and it has garnered a lot of positive feedback.

2,000+: The number of 2016 page views of my fourth most popular post: “Thinking Outside the Box to Treat Serious Mental Illness.” This post discusses new cognitive rehabilitation strategies for people with severe mental illness.

1,700+: The number of connections I have on LinkedIn. While definitely more of a business-oriented social network than Facebook or Twitter, it’s a useful resource for sharing information and meeting influential industry leaders.

1,100+: The number of 2016 page views of my fifth most popular post: “10 Priceless Gifts you Can Give to Someone with Mental Illness.” I really like this post, which was originally written in conjunction with the holiday season. But it seems to hold up no matter what time of year it is.

850+: The number of likes of my professional Facebook page. I link to all of my blog posts here, along with showcasing other mental health content from various sources. Plus I’ve found several active mental health advocacy groups on Facebook. It’s interesting how Facebook and Twitter attract somewhat different audiences.

580+: The number of “Mental Health Advocates” on my Twitter list. These inspiring advocates are terrific people from all over the world, and I’m convinced I wouldn’t have connected with hardly any of them had it not been for social media (primarily Twitter).

140+: Loyal subscribers to my weekly blog posts. These wonderful folks actually took the time to hit the “subscribe” button on my blog, insuring they are the first to get an automatic email each time I publish a new blog post.

120+: The number of countries represented by visitors to my website. Admittedly, I would need to check Google Maps to figure out where a few of these countries are. My top ten countries for website visitors are the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Philippines, Ireland, India, New Zealand, Singapore and France. The top ten countries of my Twitter followers is similar, but somewhat different: US, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, India, South Africa, Netherlands, New Zealand, and Saudi Arabia.

104: The number of blog posts I’ve published in the past two years (that’s one per week at 52 weeks per year). No, I haven’t missed a week yet, but I came close a couple of times. It’s been very handy to have the Word Press app on my smart phone, as I can edit and publish blog posts from pretty much anywhere.

50: The number of US states represented by my Twitter followers. Yep, since this time last year, I finally got a couple of folks from Alaska.

So there you have it. My mission for my mental health social media efforts remains the same: to provide proven, science-based information and resources to offer support, hope, advocacy inspiration and encouragement to persons in recovery from mental illness and addiction and to those who care about them.

Thanks to all of you for your support of my work, and I hope you’ll stick around with me as we move forward into the coming year.

Here’s a question: What topics would you suggest I cover in upcoming blog posts? Please leave a comment. Also, please subscribe to my blog and feel free to follow me on Twitter, “like” my Facebook page, or connect on LinkedIn. Thanks!

  • Congratulations on all your success! You are reaching, and helping, a lot of people!

  • Janet, thank you so much! I’ve really valued your loyal support and I also appreciate all you have done as well to raise awareness.

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